As the graphic designer and marketing lead for the annual Latinx Congratulatory Ceremony at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, I was responsible for creating a cohesive and engaging visual experience for this significant event.
Key Contributions:
Program Cover and Promotional Poster:
Designed the main cover for the event program, ensuring it reflected the spirit and cultural significance of the ceremony.
Created a promotional poster that was distributed across campus to raise awareness and encourage participation.

Senior Grad Gift:
Designed a commemorative pennant as a special gift for graduating seniors, adding a personal and memorable touch to their achievements.

Social Media Engagement:
As part of the Marketing Committee, developed and executed a series of social media posts to drive community engagement and participation.
Created eye-catching graphics and informative content to keep the community informed and excited about the ceremony.
By blending cultural elements with modern design principles, my work not only highlighted the achievements of Latine students but also fostered a sense of pride and unity within the communit
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