Brand Identity: Black and Latinx Summit 2024
The Black and Latinx Summit is an annual conference dedicated to fostering connections and learning among students from diverse backgrounds. The summit addresses the historical and contemporary traumas experienced by communities of color in the United States, creating a space for solidarity and growth.
Key Contributions:
Leadership and Involvement:
- Active member and leader of the planning committees from 2019 to 2024.
- Led the Marketing Committee and served as the Graphic Designer.
Graphic Design and Marketing:
- Developed the main graphic flyer in various printable dimensions for the program cover, mini fliers, and social media   posts.
- Designed a cohesive T-shirt, logomark, and wordmark for stickers.
- Created visual elements for presentations and digital displays to ensure a consistent brand identity across all platforms.
T-Shirt Design
  More info on event:

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