"Dream and Soar" is another piece part of my Social Justice and Social Identity illustrations. This piece pertains to the empowerment and representation of the Immigrant and Undocumented/DACAmented community.

I did a lot of research and exploration within the DACAmented/Undocumented communities and their struggles. I learned a lot through the DACA mentor program at my job at La Casa Cultural Latina, as well as involvements with (I-CAUSE) Illinois Coalition Assisting Undocumented Students' Education, and other resources on campus for this group of people.
My color palette was heavily inspired by the monarch butterfly which is the main theme of this piece. Consisting of warm colors such as yellow, orange, browns.
My mood board consisted of many different activist posters that heavily inspire my artworks. A combination of text and image/illustration is what my style consists of. The color palette of each image is consistent with the warm orange and yellow colors. I like the text to be expressive and eye catching.
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